Many skinny men tend to complain about the fact they are too skinny, but most of them don't ever do something about the problem -- or at least try to find out what causes it. Instead of taking the initiative to figure out the reason for them being overly thin, they just feel helpless and demotivated. Those who do try to gain weight usually do not get good results. The reason why this happens is these individuals do not have any type of strategy. They will not get the results they want, even if they spend hours upon hours in the gym.

The primary rule for bulking up is that a person should have a vivid, clear idea of exactly what he is doing, why he is doing it, and how it would help him build muscles. It would also help to keep a personal diary, so that he can list down all his goals. This will help him to be fully aware of the process; to know exactly where he's at in the program, and be fully motivated to keep taking action. As he starts working on his goals and seeing good results, it will be very easy to celebrate his progress, and be more motivated to continue. The best thing about the diary is he could always refer back to it whenever he starts slacking off. Seeing how far he has come can help him through a rough patch.

There are a few things that one needs to know about the bulking diet. He needs to remember that he's gaining weight by growing muscles, and not by gaining fat. This is done by putting in the effort and by having the dedication to keep at it. He needs to lift hard, and eat a healthy diet especially made for gaining muscle mass. He also needs to accept that there is no such thing as shortcuts; growing his size won't happen in a few days, it will take time. Depending on the person, the diet he is on, and the effort he puts in lifting weights, it could take a few weeks to a few months before he could start seeing major results. Once he has learned to accept these things, bulking up will become easier.